About CCDI UnConference 2024

Our immersive and collaborative conference encourages people with an interest in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as well as diversity professionals to break away from the boredom of traditional conferences with a high degree of participation – perfect for those who value networking, interactive workshops, and experiential learning. 

CCDI UnConference 2024 theme: Shifting gears: New perspectives for an inclusive workplace. 

For more information on this year’s theme, please see the bottom of this page.  

Join us for this year’s virtual, two half-day CCDI UnConference 2024 as we seek to shift gears by uniting people to exchange perspectives and envision a new, inclusive workplace. This event will include simultaneous live interpretation and live captioning, in English and French.  



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Agenda (click on the day to see the detailed schedule)

Day 1 – Wednesday, February 28, 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET

  • Opening – Day 1 
    • Opening remarks and Indigenous Elder blessing 
  • Keynote – Day 1 
  • Health break 
  • Addressing DEI pushback and polarization in the workplace - Panel
    • A panel discussion to understand polarization and resistance to DEI in Canadian society and the workplace, to recognize the importance of this work, and to consider strategies that continue building inclusive workplaces and communities. 
  • Networking break 
  • Debrief and ideas exchange: How do we address DEI pushback and polarization in the workplace? 
    • A CCDI-led session to continue the conversation on addressing DEI pushback and polarization in the workplace.  ​
  • Networking break 
  • Closing session – Empathy and compassion: Foundations for anti-racism work 
    • In this experiential session we will explore how mindfulness practices can help us better understand our emotions and reactions, and allow us to feel grounded and empowered while engaging in challenging anti-racism work. 

Day 2 – Thursday, February 29, 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET

  • Opening – Day 2 
    • Opening remarks and Indigenous Elder blessing  
  • Keynote – Day 2 
  • Health break 
  • Building a culture of belonging – Panel  
    • Imagine the ideal inclusive workplace, one where every human feels seen, heard, valued and respected. How do teammates interact with each other? How do leaders communicate? How do we advocate for each other? This session will cover strategies on what it takes to build a culture of belonging. 
  • Networking break 
  • Debrief and ideas exchange: Building a culture of belonging 
    • A CCDI-led session to continue the conversation on building a culture of belonging. 
  • Networking break 
  • Optional session  
  • Closing session – Intersectionality: The way forward
    • What is intersectionality? Why does it matter and how do we use it in our workplaces? This panel discussion will explore the importance of intersectionality to build inclusive workplace strategies and cultures.

For more details, including a full agenda and a listing of speakers, please click here.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion have taken on more importance than ever, but we are seeing increased polarization in the world around us. With these challenging circumstances in both our workplaces and communities, new approaches are needed to continue to build a more inclusive Canada.   

At CCDI UnConference 2024, we will:  

  • Challenge resistance: We will examine strategies to address resistance to DEI initiatives in the workplace, while equipping ourselves with tools to enhance systemic empathy and emotional intelligence.  
  • Build belonging:We will explore what a shift to a culture of belonging looks like in our workplaces and how we might build such cultures.  
  • Embrace intersectionality: We will reflect on intersectionality and how to create a path forward to more inclusive workplaces, where it is not about one identity over another, or us vs them, but an intersection of identities that come together for a better world.   

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsoring CCDI UnConference 2024 not only plays a pivotal role in enhancing the event's success, but also aligns with CCDI's mission to build a more inclusive Canada. As a valued sponsor, your organization stands to gain conference passes, media exposure, recognition through emails and social media platforms, and exclusive speaking opportunities.

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