Launched in the Fall of 2018, Free To Be aimed to assist employers in reach and supporting their LGBTQ2+ employees. Though no longer being offered, the programming planned for Free To Be will be integrated into CCDI's primary offerings.


Every employee brings a gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation to work. The purpose of Free To Be: The DSG Collective is to assist employers in creating inclusive environments for the LGBTQ2+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Two-Spirit and other DSG) employees and their allies, by providing information, education, and opportunities to network and develop.

Free To Be: The DSG Collective will:

  • Provide a competitive advantage to reach LGBTQ2+ talent and customers.
  • Help employers attract, retain, and develop the very best LGBTQ2+ talent available.
  • Send clear signals to clients, employees, and the public that LGBTQ2+ inclusion is a core value.
  • Unlock up to 10 per cent in productivity. People who hide their identities at work can spend up to 10 per cent of their productivity doing so.
  • Help avoid legal issues and brand/reputational damage.

This offering responds to the overwhelming request from our network of more than 190 employer partners to have a more deliberate and significant focus on LGBTQ2+ inclusion. As Canada’s only national organization focused on diversity and inclusion, operating in nine provinces and 18 cities, we have a solid foundation of knowledge and subject matter expertise and a proven track record of success delivering our programs and services.