The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion has the mandate to create a culture that strives for equity and embraces, respects, accepts and values difference. A lack of action and awareness about what it means to live with a disability has negative impacts on people’s quality of life and work opportunities. It is time for us all to take action and 'don’t let a barrier be a bully'.

The following resources, while only a few, are provided in an effort to move Canada closer to being an inclusive country where mobility issues are an everyday consideration in building design, infrastructure, programs and services.

For individuals:

  • Contact your representative
  • Get active on social media
    • Use your social media channels to show your support of a barrier-free Canada and to help others become aware of the issue of accessibility. We encourage you to spread the message and become an advocate.
  • Write to your building owner
    • If your workplace doesn’t allow equal access for workers, customers and guests who enter your building and facilities, write to your landlord or building owner and share with them the videos and web resources on the benefits of making the building and work space accessible.

For businesses:

  • Remove barriers created by physical features
    • The following are possible ways that have been identified to create better access to your goods and services. Some are widely popular in certain cities and others are used by those who take a more comprehensive approach to inclusion:
      • Widen doorways so that wheelchairs can pass through easily.
      • Move furniture or other obstacles to allow a clear passageway for people with a mobility or visual impairment.
      • Make signs easier to read, e.g., you could supplement written signs with pictures and visual signs.
      • A wider car parking space in your customer or staff car park reserved for use by Blue Badge holders.
      • Replace steps with temporary or permanent ramps at the entrance of your premises.
      • Install hand rails to help people living with mobility issues use small steps, e.g., one or two steps.
      • Install mirrors in elevators so that persons using wheelchairs can see the floor numbers and others standing behind them.
      • Ensure that equipment and furniture are within reach of persons with reduced mobility.
      • Clear curb cuts.
  • Access services available for businesses
    • There is financial assistance to make reasonable adjustments to physical barriers that impede access to your business. Please make an effort to find out what is available in your province or area. Some potential sources are:

Don't forget to check out the following series of videos that shows the impact that barriers can have on how customers, employees, and partners access your business: