Indigenous Works offers comprehensive suite of consulting services to help your organization reach its Indigenous inclusion and engagement goals. From review of your policies and hiring systems to employee engagement strategies, Indigenous Works will assist you in aligning your organization for success.

What is your position on the Inclusion Continuum?

Indigenous Works will do a baseline with your organization to determine your ‘position’ on the Inclusion Continuum. The Continuum is a seven-stage roadmap and model developed by Indigenous Works which depicts the increasingly sophisticated strategies and systems that organizations deploy at each stage to improve their readiness to increase their Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion. We interview a representative team from your organization using standardized questions to analyze your current state strategies and practices and diagnose what stage you are at on the Inclusion Continuum. Indigenous Works will give you a report at the end of your baseline exercise ‘Your Position on the Inclusion Continuum’. We will include recommendations to enhance your organizational and cultural competencies and help you climb the continuum. This baseline is a way for you to better understand how to set or fine-tune the direction for your Indigenous strategies.

Mapping your Indigenous labour market ecosystem

The Indigenous labour market functions like an ecosystem with Indigenous job and career candidates seeking employment while employers are trying to source and hire the best talent. Circling the candidates and the companies are an array of organizations that play a variety of roles as funders, as specialists in career planning, talent sourcing, skills upgrading, cultural awareness training, and many other kinds of niche products and services in Indigenous employment and human resources. Your understanding and mastery of the Indigenous labour market ecosystem is essential to your success in Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion. We can help you map your ecosystem in the areas where you operate and this will identify groups and organizations with whom you can partner, leverage, and learn from as you develop and implement your own Indigenous strategies, practices, and systems.

Customizing your recruitment strategies for Indigenous audiences

Your company may have a robust set of recruitment strategies and practices but if they have not been customized for Indigenous audiences then you may have trouble attracting and recruiting Indigenous talent. We will examine your recruitment strategies, practices, and systems from beginning to end. What are some of the customizations your company should be considering with your Indigenous recruitment strategy? Advertisements and job posting should feature images of Indigenous people or specifically reference Indigenous career aspirations. Lack of customization in your advertising and postings makes your organization less attractive to Indigenous people as it does not convey that Indigenous people are working or will want to work at your company. Does your company screen its job applications with the utmost fairness? Are unconscious biases influencing who you select for an interview? How do you guard against this? What are you doing in your company’s onboarding processes to ensure that Indigenous peoples’ first experiences in your workplace are positive? What steps are you taking to create an inclusive workplace? The report we provide is not intended to be an Indigenous employment systems’ review but a thorough analysis of the recruitment strategies you use and how they should be customized for Indigenous talent audiences.

Conducting an Indigenous Workplace Barometer: Creating your Indigenous engagement & employment strategy and plan

Indigenous Works’ Barometer is a structured methodology which mines your employees to solve the biggest issues you face in your workplace. Indigenous Works has done many barometer surveys with public and private organizations, always with great results. Do you suffer from the ‘frozen middle’? Your senior leadership has set a course for full Indigenous employment, but the apparent impasse are your middle managers that can’t (or won’t) implement the vision. What are they thinking, and what issues really need to be surmounted? Our proven methodology analyzes the issues and barriers you face in your efforts to implement your strategies, grow your Indigenous employment results, or achieve your workplace inclusion goals.

We do confidential interviews with your managers to learn what their realities are and what insights they have about the bottlenecks or systems barriers to your Indigenous employment and workplace goals. We wrap up the interview results into a summary of core top-line issues, perspectives, and productive recommendations. We find that employees are generally candid and more than willing to share their insights, especially when it’s with an independent third party. The Barometer survey works with any group of employees within your company that may be experiencing problems implementing your organization’s Indigenous employment or workplace inclusion goals. These employees need a voice and a way to see the bigger issues.

The independent third-party report we develop provides a baseline for discussion. Your employees and managers see their opinions reflected in a neutral narrative. The final report serves as a springboard for further discussion and planning. Get all your staff on-board, surmount the hurdles, and accelerate your employment and workplace goals.

Indigenous Works’ Employer of Choice Certification Program

Indigenous Works’ Employer of Choice Certification Program offers organizations a competitive edge in the development and delivery of strategies, practices, and systems for Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion. The program is for employers committed to ongoing and continuous improvement of their Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion goals. The certification testing is completed by an auditor who works with you to respond to 30 questions which probe and assess your policies, strategies, and systems for Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion. There are minimum scores to achieve, and the test results provide a breakdown of the areas you have made good headway as well as those that require more attention. This is an efficient way for employers to identify and plan for improvements to their Indigenous employment and workplace strategies.

Certification is done once every two years.

Conducting a comprehensive Indigenous employment systems review and Indigenous employment and workplace plan

Does your company fall under employment equity legislation? Do you need to prepare an Indigenous employment systems review or three-year employment equity plan? Anyone who is tasked with this knows that there are challenges to completing this documentation. We will work hand in hand with your Human Resource or D&I Unit to prepare your Indigenous employment systems review and your three-year Indigenous employment equity plan.

Our step-by-step approach begins with a formal workplan outlining the steps we will take to complete your Indigenous systems review and EE plan.

  • Comprehensive project workplan and charter
  • Documents review
  • Analytics review
  • Interviews with your team and colleagues (recruiters, leadership, front-line and managers +others)
  • Facilitated workshop – Your company’s position on the Inclusion Continuum
  • Dedicated session – Assessing your corporate Indigenous Index Score
  • Policy review
  • Strategy and practices review
  • Indigenous employment systems review identifies barriers to Indigenous employment using Indigenous Works 9-point framework
  • Directional framework and goal setting
  • Quantitative analysis – Using WEIMS data
  • Developing your EE plan – three-year comprehensive activities, policy recommendations, your Indigenous employment brand and much more
  • Final EE plan and presentation

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